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Multimodal modeling of expressiveness for human-machine interaction

Mireille Fares , Catherine I Pelachaud , Nicolas Obin
Workshop sur les Affects, Compagnons artificiels et Interactions, Jun 2020, Saint Pierre d'Oléron, France
Conference poster hal-02933482v1

Michel Imberty : La psychologie de la musique au-delà des sciences cognitives

Mondher Ayari , Jean-Marc Chouvel , Laetitia Petit
Books hal-03183621v1
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Le Test de Pieter Musk : interaction vocale en réalité virtuelle avec transformations temps réel de la voix du participant

Vincent Isnard , Trami Nguyen , Isabelle Viaud-Delmon
Preprints, Working Papers, ... hal-03127885v1

Spectral optimization of listening conditions in car cabins

Guillaume Vandernoot
International Congress on Acoustics, 2001, Roma, Italie
Conference papers hal-01106164v1

Real-time spatial processing of sounds for music, multimedia and interactive human-computer interfaces

Jean-Marc Jot
Multimedia Systems, 1999, 7 (1), pp.55-69
Journal articles hal-01106167v1

Equalization in extended Equalization in an extended area using multichannel inversion and Wave Field Synthesis

Étienne Corteel
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, 2006, 54 (12)
Journal articles hal-01106260v1

Interface de navigation musicale par le contenu

Geoffroy Peeters , David Fenech , Xavier Rodet
IHM, 2007, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-01106282v1

Corpus-Based Concatenative Synthesis

Diemo Schwarz
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 2007, 24 (2), pp.92-104
Journal articles hal-01106298v1

Radiation of a pulsating portion of a sphere: application to horn radiation

Thomas Hélie , Xavier Rodet
Acta Acustica united with Acustica, 2003, 89, pp.565-577
Journal articles hal-01106317v1

Convergence radius and guaranteed error bound for the Volterra series expansion of finite dimensional quadratic systems

Thomas Hélie , Béatrice Laroche
Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, Jun 2008, Ajaccio, Corsica, France, France. pp.741-746
Conference papers hal-01106327v1

Sound synthesis of a nonlinear string using Volterra series

David Roze , Thomas Hélie
International Congress on Acoustics, Sep 2007, Madrid, Espagne. pp.1-6
Conference papers hal-01106330v1

Indexer la musique

Geoffroy Peeters
Pour la Science. Dossier, 2008, - (373)
Journal articles hal-01106346v1

Beat-Marker Location Using a Probabilistic Framework and Linear Discriminant Analysis

Geoffroy Peeters
DAFX, Sep 2009, Como, Italie
Conference papers hal-01106384v1

ESCHER - Modeling and Performing Composed Instruments in real-time

Marcelo Mortensen Wanderley , Norbert Schnell , Joseph Butch Rovan
IEEE Int. Conference on Systems Man and Cybernetics, Oct 1998, San Diego - CA, États-Unis
Conference papers hal-01105507v1

A Fractional Delay Application

Stéphan Tassart , Régis Msallam , Philippe Depalle , Samuel Dequidt
ICMC: International Computer Music Conference, Sep 1997, Thessaloniki Hellas, Grèce. pp.256-259
Conference papers hal-01105509v1

Gestural Control of a Real-Time Physical Model of a Bowed String Instrument

Stefania Serafin , Richard Dudas , Marcelo Mortensen Wanderley , Xavier Rodet
ICMC: International Computer Music Conference, Oct 1999, Beijing, Chine
Conference papers hal-01105525v1

On the choice of transducer technologies for specific musical functions

Marcelo Mortensen Wanderley , Jean-Philippe Viollet , Fabrice Isart , Xavier Rodet
ICMC: International Computer Music Conference, Sep 2000, Berlin, Allemagne
Conference papers hal-01105531v1

Towards an analysis of interaction in sound generating systems

Marcelo Mortensen Wanderley , Nicola Orio , Norbert Schnell
ISEA - International Symposium on Electronic Arts, Dec 2000, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-01105533v1

Estimation of the spectral envelope of mixed spectrum signals using a penalized likelihood criterion

Marine Oudot
IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing, 1997, 0
Journal articles hal-01105558v1

Sinusoidal + Residual Models for Musical Sound Signals Analysis/Synthesis

Xavier Rodet
Applied Signal Processing, 1998, 4 (3), pp.131-141
Journal articles hal-01105565v1

A highly optimized method for computing amplitudes over a windowed short time signal : from O ( K 2 N ) to O ( N log( N ))

Wim d'Haes
IEEE Signal Processing Symposium (SPS), 2003, NA, France
Conference papers hal-01105875v1

Time Variable Tempo Detection and Beat Marking

Geoffroy Peeters
ICMC, Sep 2005, Barclone, Espagne
Conference papers hal-01106132v1

On damping models preserving the eigenfunctions of conservative systems: a port-Hamiltonian perspective

Denis Matignon , Thomas Hélie
4th IFAC Workshop on Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methods for Nonlinear Control, Aug 2012, Bertinoro, Italie. pp.1-6
Conference papers hal-01106790v1

Human computer confluence applied in healthcare and rehabilitation

Isabelle Viaud-Delmon
Cyberpsychology & Cybertherapy 17, 2012, Bruxelles, France
Conference papers hal-01106830v1

Spatially Oriented Format for Acoustics: A Data Exchange Format Representing Head-Related Transfer Functions

Piotr Majdak , Rozenn Nicol , Thibaut Carpentier , Yoiti Suzuki , Hagen Wierstorf , et al.
134th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, May 2013, Rome, Italie
Conference papers hal-01106833v1

Audioprint : An Efficient Audio Fingerprint System Based On A Novel Cost-Less Synchronization Scheme

Mathieu Ramona , Geoffroy Peeters
ICASSP, May 2013, Vancouver, Canada
Conference papers hal-01106838v1


Nicolas Lopes , Thomas Hélie , René Causse
SMAC, 2013, NA, France
Conference papers hal-01106856v1

Physical Constraints for the Control of a Physical Model of a Trumpet

Wim d'Haes , Dirk van Dyck , Xavier Rodet
International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx), Sep 2002, Hamburg, Allemagne
Conference papers hal-01105801v1

Music Structure Discovering Using Dynamic Features for Audio Summary Generation: "Sequence" and "State" approach

Geoffroy Peeters , Xavier Rodet
CBMI (Content Based Multimedia Indexing), Sep 2003, Rennes, France. pp.207-214
Conference papers hal-01105832v1

Réalité virtuelle, Entendre dans un monde virtuel

Isabelle Viaud-Delmon
Pour la Science. Dossier, 2008, - (373), pp.108-114
Journal articles hal-01106456v1