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The fusion and layering of noise and tone

Cornelia Fales , Stephen Mcadams
Leonardo Music Journal, 1994, 4, pp.69-77
Journal articles hal-01105639v1

Separation of concurrent harmonic sounds

Alain de Cheveigné
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 1993, 93, pp.3271-3290
Journal articles hal-01105685v1

Le Spatialisateur

Jean-Marc Jot , Olivier Warusfel
Le son & l'espace. Rencontres Musicales Pluridisciplinaires Informatique et Musique. GRAME. Musiques en Scène 1995 - Lyon. 31 mars et 1er avril 1995, Mar 1995, Lyon, France. pp.103-108
Conference papers hal-01106970v1

Context Effects in Timbre Space

Sophie Donnadieu , Stephen Mcadams , Suzanne Winsberg
Conference of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition, Jul 1994, Liège, Belgium. pp.311-312
Conference papers hal-01105436v1

Qualities and functions of musical timbre

Stephen Mcadams , Kaija Saariaho
1985 International Computer Music Conference, 1985, Vancouver, France. pp.367-374
Conference papers hal-01105658v1

MIDI-LISP, a LISP-based music programming environment for the Macintosh

Lee Boynton , Pierre Lavoie , Yann Orlarey , Camilo Rueda , David Wessel
International Computer Music Conference, 1986, Den Haag, Netherlands. pp.183-186
Conference papers hal-02158938v1

La musicologie au CNRS

Eliane Daphy , Jean-Louis Lebrave , Bernard Lortat-Jacob , Hugo Zemp , Geneviève Dournon , et al.
CNRS Info, 1991, numéro spécial, juin 1991, 47 p
Journal articles hal-00489699v1

The Role of FM-induced AM in Dynamic Spectral Profile Analysis

Stephen Mcadams , Xavier Rodet
Academic Press. Basic Issues in Hearing,, pp.359-369, 1988
Book sections hal-01105536v1

Introduction à la cognition auditive

Stephen Mcadams , Emmanuel Bigand
Presses Universitaires de France. Penser les sons, Psychologie cognitive de l'audition, pp.1-9, 1994
Book sections hal-01105537v1

Big sister Pitch's little brother Timbre comes of age

Stephen Mcadams
3rd International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, 1994, Liège, France. pp.41-45
Conference papers hal-01105636v1

Les nombreux visages de la cognition humaine dans la recherche et la pratique musicales

Stephen Mcadams
Editions Pierre Mardaga; McAdams, S. / Deliège, I. La musique et les sciences cognitives, None, pp.11-20, 1989
Book sections hal-01105649v1

A model for the discrimination of pure tone pitch

Alain de Cheveigné
ICPhS, 1991, Aix en Provence, France. pp.74-77
Conference papers hal-01105687v1

Influence of Size and Composition of the Orchestra on the Perception of Room Acoustical Quality

Eckhard Kahle
WCSCS, 1995, Cambridge, États-Unis
Conference papers hal-01106975v1

An interactive experimental method for the determination of musical scales in oral cultures

Frédéric Voisin , Vincent Dehoux
Contemporary Music Review, 1993, 9 (1-2), pp.13 - 19. ⟨10.1080/07494469300640311⟩
Journal articles hal-01612231v1

Fusion spectrale et la création d'images auditives

Stephen Mcadams
Ircam. 1986
Books hal-01105907v1

L'image auditive

Stephen Mcadams
Ircam. 1985
Books hal-01105908v1

Predictive Acoustics Software and Computer Aided Optimization in Room Acoustics

Olivier Warusfel
ICA: International Congress on Acoustics, 1995, Trondheim, Norvège
Conference papers hal-01106973v1

Recognition of sound sources and events

Stephen Mcadams
Oxford University Press. Thinking in Sound, The Cognitive Psychologie of Human Audition, pp.146-198, 1993
Book sections hal-01105642v1

Organisation perceptive dans l'audition

Marie-Claire Botte , Stephen Mcadams
Cahiers de l'audition, 1992, 5 (5), pp.22-26
Journal articles hal-01105643v1

Qualités et fonctions du timbre musical

Stephen Mcadams , Kaija Saariaho
Editions Christian Bourgois; Barrière, J.B. Le timbre, Métaphores pour la composition, pp.164-181, 1991
Book sections hal-01105645v1

Segregation of concurrent sounds II

Cécile M. H Marin , Stephen Mcadams
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 1991, 89, pp.341-351
Journal articles hal-01105646v1

The role of beats in concurrent sound segregation based on frequency modulation cues

Cécile Marin , Stephen Mcadams , J.S. Liénard
Fechner Day 89. 5th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics, 1989, Cassis, France. pp.120-125
Conference papers hal-01105652v1

Jet Formation and Jet Velocity Fluctuations in a Flue Organ Pipe

Marc-Pierre Verge , Benoît Fabre , W.E.A Mahu , Abraham Hirschberg , R.R. (rene) van Hassel , et al.
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 1994, 95 (2), pp.1119-1132
Journal articles hal-01105552v1

Efficient Fourier Synthesis of Nonstationary Sinusoids

Michael Goodwin , Xavier Rodet
ICMC: International Computer Music Conference, 1994, Aarhus, Denmark
Conference papers hal-01105465v1

Synthèse et analyse-synthèse par fonctions d'ondes formantiques

Christophe d'Alessandro , Xavier Rodet
Journal d'Acoustique, 1989, 2, pp.163-169-431
Journal articles hal-01712930v1

Spat~ : A Spatial Processor for Musicians and Sound Engineers

Jean-Marc Jot , Olivier Warusfel
CIARM: International Conference on Acoustics and Musical Research, May 1995, Ferrara, Italie
Conference papers hal-01106969v1

Subjective Listening Tests in Concert Halls

Eckhard Kahle , Jean-Pascal Jullien
ICA: International Congress on Acoustics, Jun 1995, Trondheim, Norvège
Conference papers hal-01106974v1

Structured Model for the Representation and the Control of Room Acoustical Quality

Jean-Pascal Jullien
ICA: International Congress on Acoustics, Jun 1995, Trondheim, Norvège. pp.517-520
Conference papers hal-01106979v1

The partitioning of loudness in the auditory continuity phenomenon

Stephen Mcadams , Marie-Claire Botte , Carolyn Drake
Fechner Day 95. 11th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics, 1995, Cassis, France. pp.109-114
Conference papers hal-01105632v1

Focusing attention on one auditory stream does not depend on the number of simultaneous streams

Renaud Brochard , Carolyn Drake , Marie-Claire Botte , Stephen Mcadams
Fechner Day 95. 11th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics, 1995, Cassis, France. pp.155-160
Conference papers hal-01105633v1