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Perceptual characterisation of vehicules noises

Patrick Susini , Stephen Mcadams , Suzanne Winsberg
EEA Symposium: Psychoacoustic in Industry and Universities, Jan 1997, Eindhoven, Pays-Bas
Conference papers hal-01105461v1

Fractional delay lines using Lagrange interpolators

Philippe Depalle , Stéphan Tassart
ICMC: International Computer Music Conference, Sep 1996, Hongkong, R.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong. pp.341-343
Conference papers hal-01105472v1

Loudness evaluation of urban soundscapes by a cross-modal matching method

Patrick Susini , Valérie Maffiolo
ASA & FORUM ACUSTICUM joint meeting, Mar 1999, Berlin, Allemagne
Conference papers hal-01105493v1

Fluid dynamic aspects of human voice and brass instruments

Xavier Pelorson , Régis Msallam , Joël Gilbert , Abraham Hirschberg
ICA: International Congress on Acoustics, Jun 1998, Seattle, États-Unis
Conference papers hal-01105498v1

Perceptual Interaction of Excitor and Resonator Properties in Percussive Instrument Sounds

Stephen Mcadams , Koei Kudo , Holle Kirchner
ICA: International Congress on Acoustics, Jun 1998, Seattle Washington, États-Unis. pp.1885-1886
Conference papers hal-01105500v1

Perceptual Analysis of Vibrating Bars Synthsized with a Physical Model

Vincent Roussarie , Stephen Mcadams , Antoine Chaigne
ICA: International Congress on Acoustics, Jun 1998, Seattle Washington, États-Unis. pp.2227-2228
Conference papers hal-01105501v1

Influence of Phase Effects on Roughness Modeling

Daniel Pressnitzer , Stephen Mcadams
ICMC: International Computer Music Conference, Sep 1997, Thessaloniki Hellas, Grèce. pp.31-34
Conference papers hal-01105518v1

Composition on top of real-time sound synthesis

Peter Hanappe
JIM: Journées d'informatique musicale, May 1998, La Londe Les Maures Var, France
Conference papers hal-01105521v1

Assessment of musical instrument quality criteria

René Causse , Camille Begnis , Nicolas Misdariis
137th Regular Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America & 2nd Convention of the European Acoustics Association : Forum Acusticum 99, Mar 1999, Berlin, Allemagne. pp.1215-1216
Conference papers hal-01105527v1

L'organisation perceptive de l'environnement sonore

Stephen Mcadams
Editions Irvinn. Rencontres IPSEN en ORL,, pp.91-102, 1997
Book sections hal-01105540v1

Perception of musical tension for nontonal orchestral timbres and its relation to psychoacoustic roughness

Daniel Pressnitzer , Stephen Mcadams , Suzanne Winsberg , Joshua Fineberg
Perception and Psychophysics, 1999, 0
Journal articles hal-01105566v1

Perceptual attenuation of nonfocused auditory streams

Marie-Claire Botte , Carolyn Drake , Renaud Brochard , Stephen Mcadams
Perception and Psychophysics, 1997, 59, pp.419-425
Journal articles hal-01105569v1

Quelques considérations psychologiques sur le commentaire d'écoute

Emmanuel Bigand , François Madurell , Stephen Mcadams
Musurgia : analyse et pratique musicales, 1998, 5 pp.71-81
Journal articles hal-01105570v1

The continuity illusion

Carolyn Drake , Stephen Mcadams
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 1999, 106 (5), pp.3529-3538
Journal articles hal-01105574v1

New Algorithm for Nonlinear Propagation of a sound Wave, Aplication to a Physical Model of a Trumpet

Christophe Vergez , Xavier Rodet
Journal of Signal Processing, 2000, 4 (1), pp.79-87
Journal articles hal-01105576v1

A model of a brainstem circuit that might be involved in comodulation masking release

Ray Meddis , Roel Delahaye , Deborah Fantini , Ian M. Winter , Daniel Pressnitzer
Shaker Publishing BV; Houtsma, A. J. M. / Kohlrausch, A. / Prijs, V. F. / Schoonhoven, R. Physiological and Psychophysical Bases of Auditory Function, None, pp.252-257, 2001
Book sections hal-01105580v1

The relative contribution of the visual and auditory signals to the dynamic reproduction of a rhythmic pattern

Martine Turgeon , Stephen Mcadams , Carolyn Drake , Yves Samson
8th International Workshop on Rhythm Perception and Production, 2000, Castleton, UK., France. pp.38-39
Conference papers hal-01105589v1

Effet de récence dans une tâche de jugement de la sonie

Patrick Susini , Stephen Mcadams
5ème Congrès français d'acoustique, 2000, Lausanne, Suisse, France
Conference papers hal-01105590v1

The auditory system as a separation machine

Alain de Cheveigné
Shaker Publishing BV; Houtsma, A. J. M. / Kohlrausch, A. / Prijs, V. F. / Schoonhoven, R. Physiological and Psychophysical Bases of Auditory Function, None, pp.453-460, 2001
Book sections hal-01105596v1

Influence of the ears canals location on spherical head model for the individualized interaural time difference

Sylvain Busson , Rozenn Nicol , Olivier Warusfel
CFA-DAGA, Mar 2004, Strasbourg, France
Conference papers hal-01107124v1

Perceptual evaluation of weighted multichannel binaural format

Emmanuel Rio , Guillaume Vandernoot , Olivier Warusfel
DAFx-03 (Digital Audio Effects 2003), Sep 2003, Londres, Royaume-Uni
Conference papers hal-01107128v1

Pitch shifts of mistuned partials

Alain de Cheveigné
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 1999, 106, pp.887-897
Journal articles hal-01105613v1

Waveform interactions and the segregation of concurrent vowels

Alain de Cheveigné
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 1999, 106, pp.2959-2972
Journal articles hal-01105616v1

Physiological correlates of comodulation masking release in the mammalian VCN

Daniel Pressnitzer , Ian M. Winter , Ray Meddis , Roel Delahaye
Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 2001, 21, pp.6377-6386
Journal articles hal-01105663v1

Summation of roughness across frequency regions

Daniel Pressnitzer , Stephen Mcadams
World Scientific Publishing. Temporal processing in the auditory system: Psychophysics, physiology and models of hearing, Dau, T., Hohmann, V. and Kollmeier, B. (Eds.), pp.105-108, 1999
Book sections hal-01105664v1

Auditory continuity and loudness computation

Stephen Mcadams , Marie-Claire Botte , Carolyn Drake , M.-C. Botte
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 1998, - (103), pp.1580-1591
Journal articles hal-01105668v1

A Constraint Programming System for Music Composition, Preliminary Results

Charlotte Truchet , Carlos Agon , Philippe Codognet
CP 01, Workshop on Musical Constraints, 2001, NA, France
Conference papers hal-01105726v1

Programmation Visuelle et Editeurs Musicaux pour la Composition Assistée par Ordinateur.

Carlos Agon , Gérard Assayag
Interface Homme Machine, Nov 2002, Poitiers, France
Conference papers hal-01105751v1

Contrôle de la spatialisation comme paramètre musical

Gilbert Nouno , Carlos Agon
JIM 2002, 2002, Marseille, France
Conference papers hal-01105752v1

Analysing musical sounds (à paraître)

Stephen Mcadams , Philippe Depalle , E. Clarke
Oxford University Press; Clarke, E. / Cook, N. Empirical Musicology, Aims, Methods, Prospects, 2003
Book sections hal-01105762v1