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Continuous velocity fields for collapse and blow-out of a pressurized tunnel face in purely cohesive soil

Guilhem Mollon , Daniel Dias , Abdul-Hamid Soubra
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, 2013, 37 (13), pp.2061-2083. ⟨10.1002/nag.2121⟩
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Restrained shrinkage of massive reinforced concrete structures: results of the project

Laurie Lacarriere , Samuel Baron , F. Barré , D. Chauvel , A. Darquennes , et al.
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, 2016, 20 (7), pp.785-808. ⟨10.1080/19648189.2015.1072587⟩
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Acoustic Emission Technique to monitor real-time wood fracture properties in room temperature

Malick Diakhaté , Rostand Moutou Pitti , Nicolas Angellier , Emilio Bastidas-Arteaga , Seif Eddine Hamdi
COST Action FP1407 3rd Conference: “Wood modification research and applications”, Sep 2017, Kuchl, Austria
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Nonlocal damage with evolving internal length: the Eikonal nonlocal formulation

Giuseppe Rastiello , Cédric Giry , Fabrice Gatuingt , Rodrigue Desmorat , Milan Jirásek
COLLOQUIUM LAGRANGIANUM 2016, May 2016, Montpellier, France
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A Condition-Based Maintenance Policy Based On A Probabilistic Meta-Model In The Case Of Chloride-Induced Corrosion

Boutros El Hajj , Bruno Castanier , Franck Schoefs , Emilio Bastidas-Arteaga , Thomas G. Yeung
12th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering (ICASP12), Jul 2015, Vancouver, Canada. ⟨10.14288/1.0076175⟩
Conference papers hal-01316236v1
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Homogenized global nonlinear constitutive model for RC panels under cyclic loadings

Miquel Huguet Aguilera , François Voldoire , Panagiotis Kotronis , Silvano Erlicher
11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics, Jul 2014, Barcelona, Spain. pp.1370-1380
Conference papers hal-01071399v1
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Centrifuge modeling of batter pile foundations under earthquake excitation

Zheng Li , Sandra Escoffier , Panagiotis Kotronis
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 2016, 88, pp.176-190. ⟨10.1016/j.soildyn.2016.05.013⟩
Journal articles hal-01337035v1
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Stress-strain model for FRP-confined concrete columns under cyclic and seismic loading

C. Desprez , J. Mazars , Panagiotis Kotronis , P. Paultre
15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (15WCEE), Sep 2012, Lisbonne, Portugal. pp.6656-6664
Conference papers hal-01008965v1
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Maintenance decision model for steel bridges

Thomas Attema , Alex Kosgodagan Acharige , Oswaldo Morales-Nápoles , Johan Maljaars
Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 2017, 13 (2), pp.242 - 253. ⟨10.1080/15732479.2016.1158194⟩
Journal articles hal-01517056v1
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Modelling and acoustic monitoring of grout propagation in sands

Nadia Saiyouri , Ludovic Jason , Olivier Chupin , Pierre-Yves Hicher
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Ground Improvement, 2008, 161, pp.143-152. ⟨10.1680/grim.2008.161.3.143⟩
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Effets thermo-visco-hydro-mécanique (TVHM) et couplage mécano-fiabiliste via les intégrales invariantes : application aux structures bois

Rostand Moutou Pitti , T B Tran , S E Hamdi , E Bastidas Arteagas , C Pambou Nziengui , et al.
Club cast3M2016, Nov 2016, Paris, France
Conference papers hal-01616941v1
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Study on the stiffness degradation and damping of pile foundations under dynamic loadings

Zheng Li , Sandra Escoffier , Panagiotis Kotronis
Engineering Structures, 2020, 203, pp.109850. ⟨10.1016/j.engstruct.2019.109850⟩
Journal articles hal-02351359v1
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Creep and moisture interaction on tropical timber structures under outdoor conditions: spatial variability of mechanical parameters

Gustavo Avellaneda-Malagón , Nicaise Manfoumbi , Emilio Bastidas-Arteaga , Rostand Moutou Pitti
COST ACTION FP1303 Final Conference and MC Meeting Building with bio-based materials: Best practice and performance specification, Sep 2017, Zagreb, Croatia
Conference papers hal-01616951v1
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Probabilistic and sensitivity analysis of analytical models of corrosion onset for reinforced concrete structures

Ndrianary Rakotovao Ravahatra , Emilio Bastidas-Arteaga , Franck Schoefs , Thomas de Larrard , Frederic Duprat
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, In press, ⟨10.1080/19648189.2019.1591307⟩
Journal articles hal-02087289v1
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Analysis of corrosion risk due to chloride diffusion for concrete structures in marine environment

Tristan Senga Kiessé , Stéphanie Bonnet , Ouali Amiri , Anne Ventura
Marine Structures, 2020, 73, pp.102804. ⟨10.1016/j.marstruc.2020.102804⟩
Journal articles hal-02930173v1
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Modeling time and spatial variability of degradation through gamma processes for structural reliability assessment

Mestapha Oumouni , Franck Schoefs , Bruno Castanier
Structural Safety, 2019, 76, pp.162-173. ⟨10.1016/j.strusafe.2018.09.003⟩
Journal articles hal-02440519v1
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Reliability assessment and updating of notched timber components subjected to environmental and mechanical loading

T.-B. Tran , Emilio Bastidas-Arteaga , Y. Aoues , C F Pambou Nziengui , S E Hamdi , et al.
Engineering Structures, 2018, 166, pp.107-116. ⟨10.1016/j.engstruct.2018.03.053⟩
Journal articles hal-01756794v1
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Model of Bio-Colonisation on Mooring Lines: Updating Strategy Based on a Static Qualifying Sea State for Floating Wind Turbines

Benjamin Decurey , Franck Schoefs , Anne-Laure Barillé , Thomas Soulard
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 2020, 8 (2), pp.108. ⟨10.3390/jmse8020108⟩
Journal articles hal-02483384v2

Numerical modelling of the tensile splitting test and its coupling with gas permeability

Nathan Benkemoun , Xavier Jourdain , Marta Choinska , A. Khelidj
Framcos VIII, Mar 2013, Toledo, Spain
Conference papers hal-01692905v1

Effect of the water saturation of aggregates on the shrinkage induced cracking risk of concrete at early age

R. Cortas , E. Rozière , S. Staquet , A. Hamami , A. Loukili , et al.
Cement and Concrete Composites, 2014, 50, pp.1-9. ⟨10.1016/j.cemconcomp.2014.02.006⟩
Journal articles hal-02076360v1
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Reliability based assessment of structures in marine environment

Vikram Pakrashi , Alan J O'Connor , Denys Breysse , Franck Schoefs
1st International Conference on Applications Heritage and Constructions in Coastal and Marine Environment (MEDACHS'08), Jan 2008, Lisbonne, Portugal
Conference papers hal-01008816v1
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Using a second gradient model to simulate the behaviour of concrete structural elements

Gwendal Jouan , Panagiotis Kotronis , Frédéric Collin
Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, 2014, 90, pp.50-60. ⟨10.1016/j.finel.2014.06.002⟩
Journal articles hal-01071397v1
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Calcul de la réponse dynamique des structures élancées à la turbulence du vent

Alexandre de La Foye
Dynamique, vibrations. Université de Nantes, 2001. Français. ⟨NNT : ⟩
Theses tel-02351063v1
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Fractal Dimension as an Effective Feature for Characterizing Hard Marine Growth Roughness from Underwater Image Processing in Controlled and Uncontrolled Image Environments

Franck Schoefs , Michael O’byrne , Vikram Pakrashi , Bidisha Ghosh , Mestapha Oumouni , et al.
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 2021, 9 (12), pp.1344. ⟨10.3390/jmse9121344⟩
Journal articles hal-04076931v1
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Endommagement des ouvrages historiques ou de transport de la côte Atlantique dû à l'environnement marin : méthode de diagnostic et de réparation, maintenance : projet MEDACHS

Sylvie Yotte , Manuela Salta , Michel Rousseau , Isabel Ana Rodriguez-Maribona , Alan O'Connor , et al.
Annales du Bâtiment et des travaux publics, 2005, 5, pp.37-41
Journal articles hal-01006795v1
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Coupled mechanics - probalistic methodology fof realiability assessment of timber structure with cracks subjected to thermo-visco-hydromechanical

T-B Tran , E Bastidas-Arteaga , Y Aoues , Rostand Moutou Pitti , S E Hamdi , et al.
14th International Conference on Fracture (ICF 14), Jun 2017, Rhodes, Greece
Conference papers hal-01616977v1
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Coupling damage and cohesive zone models with the Thick Level Set approach to fracture

Benoît Lé , Nicolas Moës , Grégory Legrain
Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 2018, 193, pp.214-247. ⟨10.1016/j.engfracmech.2017.12.036⟩
Journal articles hal-02157337v1
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A novel multi-fiber Timoshenko beam finite element formulation with embedded discontinuities to describe reinforced concrete failure under static loadings

Ibrahim Bitar , Nathan Benkemoun , Panagiotis Kotronis , Stéphane Grange
9th International Conference on Fracture Mechanics of Concrete and Concrete Structure (FraMCoS-9), May 2016, Berkeley, United States. ⟨10.21012/FC9.102⟩
Conference papers hal-01381330v1
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Evolution spatiotemporelle des caractéristiques mécaniques de bois d'Ozigo en climat extérieur non abrité

Valérie Nsouami , Nicaise Manfoumbi , Emilio Bastidas-Arteaga , Rostand Moutou Pitti
24e Congrès Français de Mécanique, Aug 2019, Brest, France
Conference papers hal-02116781v1
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Bayesian Networks to Quantify Transition Rates in Degradation Modeling

Alex Kosgodagan-Dalla Torre , Oswaldo Morales-Nápoles , Johan Maljaars , Thomas G. Yeung , Bruno Castanier
12th International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering, Jul 2015, Vancouver, Canada
Conference papers hal-01517154v1