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. Mtce, With an output of 83.4 Mtce in the same year, coal had a nationwide market share of 65.3%. Germany is to a large extent dependent on energy imports the German deep mining industry sold some 28.6 Mtce of coal and coke to the solid fuel market. Of this, the power generation industry consumed 20, 2002.

. Mtce, The lignite-derived products are mainly destinated for domestic use. The main customers are the power and heat generators (more than four fifths) Lignite production which totalled 181.8 Mt in 2002 was centred on four mining regions, namely Rhineland around Cologne, the Lusatian mining area in south-east Brandenburg, the Central German mining area in south-east of Saxony-Anhalt as well as the Helmstedt mining area in Lower Saxony. In these four mining areas, lignite is exclusively extracted from opencast mines

. Mt, and in the south at Megalopolis (270 Mt) Most of the major opencast mines belong to the electric utility Public Power Corporation (PPC). Only 28% of Australia